The Groomsmen

Three weeks ago my buddy James called me up and asked if I would be willing to take some photos of him and the groomsmen getting ready for his wedding.   We often see shots of the bride getting ready but rarely do I come across photographs of the groom getting prepared.  I have to say I was a little nervous about being able to deliver some interesting photographs but at the end of the day I was quite pleased to see what we were able to capture for the hour that we were there.  Of course James had a lot on his mind that day.  James’s other wedding  was going to occur in China within the next 7 days.  I think he is the first person that I know of who has gotten married twice within a 7 day period.   I was very pleased that I could do this for him  and we hoped that we were able to tell a small part of the story through these photographs.


In the elevator



15 thoughts on “The Groomsmen

  1. These are fabulous photos! I love them all, but had to smile at the socked feet shot….much like the brides/bridesmaids shot with the pedicured feet in a circle. Your buddy is lucky to have these photos!

    • Thanks Angeline!! I was really nervous because I knew we only had an hour to take these shots. I am not sure how I came up with that idea except that maybe I have seen shots of the bride/bridesmaids feet and thought hey why not.. It was kind off a spur of the moment shoot so we just went with the flow but all in all I am happy with the results. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great shots MD! Looks like a fun bunch….and I agree, photos of the groomsman are rare, I think they should be included as well as the bride and bridesmaids. Love the socks!

    • Thanks David!! I also agree that I like seeing photographs of the groomsmen getting ready.. I guess for the most part unless both the bride and the groom are getting dressed at the same location the bride and the bridesmaids would come first and foremost or there would be he*& to pay! lol

  3. love the photos – i have to do this next weekend – photograph the grooms getting ready and I wasn’t sure what to do, so while provided great photos for your friends you have provide inspiration to another photographer – thanks

  4. This is wonderful post. Men’s world… Usually we see much more brides… This is amazing set, I loved your photographs. Thank you dear MD, have a nice weekend, love, nia

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