Chrissy at Jolie tete

A few weeks ago Marcus and I went back to the Valhalla estate in Howard County Maryland to photograph the nuptials of Chrissy and Matt.  We had so much fun spending time with them for their engagement session earlier this year that we just knew that their wedding would also be a hoot and they did not disappoint.

We met Chrissy at the Jolie tete spa where she was getting prepared for her big day.   It’s funny because when I walked in I was immediately taken back to my childhood.  At one point my grandmother had owned three hair salons in Jamaica and I remembered running around them when I was younger and I have not been inside of a Salon since then.  I would visit Jamaica twice a year for a week or two every year until I was a teenager and I would help my grandmother and the other stylists with whatever needed to be done.   I also remember the wonderful tips that I would receive and that I would usually come back to the US with over a hundred dollars for a weeks worth of work :-).     A fellow blogger recently mentioned that he was amazed at how much there was to photograph inside one of these spas and I told him that I felt the same way.  From the art on the walls to the numerous colors of nail polish aligned on the tables to even the folded towels.   Below are some of the photographs taken that morning at the salon prior to the wedding.   And I have to give props to the young woman that did Chrissy’s make up that day.  Earlier that morning she had an accident in which her car door slammed into her hand and I believe she was going to the doctors office after she finished doing Chrissy’s makeup.  Now that is dedication.  We also want to say thanks to the nice folks at Jolie tete for letting us take these photographs!

Jolie Tete Salon & Spa
8860 Columbia 100 Parkway
Suite 105, Columbia
MD 21045

8 thoughts on “Chrissy at Jolie tete

  1. Great shots, definitely a lot of photos to be had here. And, BTW, nail colors, OPI top shelf on left is my favorite. I believe that one is “I’m Not Really A Waitress” red. Great idea to go in here for photos.

    • Thanks Angeline!! She said we did not need to come due to her having an early 8am appointment but we are definitely glad we made the trip… I have seen the OPI label in my wife’s powder room so I am guessing it is a popular brand?

  2. Wow that’s a great looking spa/salon! Great photos of the preparation for the big event. Side note….you NEED to go back and get some close-ups of the way cool wall sconce in photo #11. Super job MD!!!

    • Thanks David!! Shame on me too because I am the art glass collector and to be honest I did not even notice the wall sconce. It looks to be Italian art glass and reminds me a lot of what Murano makes.

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