Hilda + Clarence | Georetown Engagement Session

2013 is going to rock… in part because we get to shoot the wedding of these two incredible people.

Dino and I had the opportunity to photograph the engagement session of Hilda and Clarence last weekend in Georgetown. Fortunately, we’ve been having some pretty amazing weather, so conditions were better than we could have imagined. During the wedding consultation Hilda mentioned that they were dog owners and that they would possibly be at the wedding. So, when Hilda and Clarence arrived with Chance and Sunshine leading the way, we were really excited. Below are some of our favorite shots from the session.



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11 thoughts on “Hilda + Clarence | Georetown Engagement Session

  1. Beautiful photos. I loved that they had their dogs as a part of their photo session. When my husband and I got married, our dog was there with a bow tie on. Unfortunately, we didn’t have anyone there to take photos (we sort of eloped).

    • Thank you Maralee! When we met with Clarence and Hilda to schedule the shoot and discuss their wedding they mentioned that their dogs may be a part of the wedding. Marcus’s eyes lit up at the mention at the dogs in the wedding and he kept hinting to the couple that they should consider bringing their dogs along for the engagement shoot. Some of the shots of the dogs came when the couple went to change outfits and Marcus and I were holding the leashes for them. It was memorable due to the fact that a lot of the other dog owners came over with their dogs and these little guys were making such a fuss we had to warn the others that they are not our dogs and we are not sure how they will react lol…

      Wow a bow tie huh πŸ™‚ :-).. It’s a shame that no one was available or around to take the photos for you. If you guys are planning to renew your wedding vows Marcus and I can photograph them with your dog of course :-).

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    • Thanks Amanda! Over the last month our time has been spent updating our website blog and facebook fan page and we hope it pays off :-). We actually booked our first wedding of 2014 lol!!! I have to give credit for the new logo to Marcus because he spent quite a few hours designing logos and finally we decided to use this one. Thanks for the compliment!

    • Hi Violet! Thanks for the compliment! When I first saw the ring I thought wow. And I was wishing I had packed my macro lens for the shoot. Trust me I plan on packing it when we do the getting ready and detail shots in September! FYI I really loved the ring shots you took on the mushroom as well as the way the way your processed your B/W’s in yesterdays post! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you πŸ™‚ I don’t blame you on not packing the macro lens, it’s so specific and very heavy! I only take it for weddings and engagements, nothing else! For the black and whites, I used some Photoshop to give the black and white a milky feel, which was done in Adjustments > Exposure > Offset. Then, up the contrast πŸ™‚

      • Awesome! Thanks for the info.. I have started to use Nik Effects for some of my black and whites but I feel as though I have not gotten the look I am look and feel that I want. Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend!

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