Portrait Session with Simon & Family at Jersualem Mills Park Maryland

Last October Marcus and I went out to Jerusalem Mills village for a portrait session with the Simmons family.  I have known Darrell and Petranda for close to 15 years and last year they were blessed with a beautiful baby boy.  I have been blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and Darrell and Petranda are right at the top of that list.   We chose to meet at Jerusalem Mills due to the beauty of this historical site.  Apparently this location is extremely popular for photographers because while we  saw roughly 7 other photographers there also having sessions with families as well as a few newly engaged couples.  As a matter of fact while I was walking around I heard someone yelling my name and I turned around to see one of my co workers one of our co workers who was waiting to meet up with a photographer that was going to shoot their family lol.

While Marcus and I were gathering up our gear and preparing for the session Petranda was trying to wake up Simon as gently as possible.  Within 1 minute of waking up Simon was full of smiles and could not wait to be put down on the ground so he could walk around and explore everything in sight.  Thankfully Simon was rearing to go  because I can remember when my son was that age and after waking up from a nap it took him some time to get his wits about him.   He was also not that very happy when woken from a deep slumber :-).  Here are just some of the photographs taken from that day.


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