Pictobooks Bijou Line of Wedding Albums

In this digital age how many photographs have you taken from your camera or your phone and actually backed them up on a disk somewhere? Yes you may have posted them to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or any of the other social networking sites that are currently around but I am betting that most of us have probably forgotten what photographs they have posted as well as where they were posted. I have changed my phones quite a few times  over the last 5 years and I know I did not download all of the pics before sending them off to the electronic grave yard.  If you have discs with your photos on them have you made sure to back up all of your photographs from the disc on to an external hard drive just in case the hard drive on your main pc calls it quits?

Personally I am a huge fan of technology and I am one of those people who changes phones frequently and I read all of my books, newspapers and magazines on a digital device.  The one thing that I have come to realize recently is that in this time digital age that we currently reside in we really don’t own much of what we consume these days. The media that we consume such as movies, music, photographs & books for the most part are being delivered to us in bytes. The photographs I took in 2004 through 2008 could be on any of the PC’s that I no longer use and are on hard drives that no longer function.  Even if I could retrieve them I would have a very difficult time finding them in the file folders that I may have created for them back then. These days unless you take the proper precautions you can end up paying twice for something you truly never owned in the first place.

A wedding album ensures you will have a physical reminder of your special day even after the disc is lost or the technology itself becomes obsolete. A lot of people spend quite a bit of money on their weddings.  Quite a few may pay to have a photographer photograph their special day. If that is the case you may really want to consider paying to have a wedding album created or even building your own that showcases the important aspects of your day so that you can easily relive those moments whenever you choose.

As mentioned above you can create your own wedding album.  On the other hand I have spoken to quite a few couples that were married within the last few years and they have yet to actually follow through on creating one.  A few days ago a friend approached me in regards to creating a wedding album from the images on the disc that his photographer gave him and his wedding was over five years ago.

One of the benefits for having your photographer create the album is that photographers have access to companies that do not serve the general public. Marcus and I had to sign up and go through a verification process by all of the companies that we were contemplating using. If you are going to create on on your own you really want to think about which company you are going to use to create your wedding album.  Spending $150  -$200 may get you a decent album but you may be taking a risk on the print quality as well as how the book is bound.  A wedding album is something that may be the first family heirloom that if done right originally can be passed down from generation to generation.

Marcus and I are very excited that our first two sample wedding albums have arrived.  We decided to use Pictobooks to create our albums. Pictobooks is rated one of the top wedding album producers in the world and we are lucky that they are located close to where I live. We were able to sit down and speak with the manager who I have to say was pretty awesome! He gave us a lot of great advice on photography as well as running a photography business. We came across so many beautiful albums while we were visiting and we could have spent hours just perusing the many albums in the office. Below are a few sample images from one of the albums that we designed. This is from the Pictobooks Bijou line which is one of their most popular lines of albums sold. Our next post will feature an album from their top of the line Signature Series collection. The last image in here is a comparison between the photobook that I created last summer and the album.   The album size is 10 x 10 and the size of the photobook is 12 x 12.

A comparison between a photobook that I created last summer in comparison to the wedding album. The photobook has 76 pages with 152 spreads. The photo album has 16 pages with 32 spreads. As you can see there is quite a difference in the thickness of each page.


3 thoughts on “Pictobooks Bijou Line of Wedding Albums

  1. Great post guys! I’m married to the the file management empress so her methods/insistence have been a HUGE influence on me. All photos have their respective folders and are backed up to an external drive. Your ideas about a wedding album are super and you are right. Most folks don’t actually get “hardcopy’ of their special day. It’s a wise thing to do for sure! You have included really cool photos with this post!

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