John and Kristeen’s Engagement Session Georgetown Maryland

Last month one of my best friends fiancé contacted me in regards to taking their engagement photos.  Now  John and I have been friends for over 15 years now and he was the last bachelor in my tight knit group of friends.  I can clearly remember the day that these two met.  They met each other at a mutual friends cookout two years ago.   The fellas and I have to take a small bit of credit for pushing John to pursue her.  I remember all of us sitting in the basement trying to get John to go up and introduce himself.  My friend Erick suggested that we setup a friendly game of football in the backyard. Lets just say that the rest of us did our best to make John look like a superstar while our women folk watched on the sidelines 🙂 .  Somehow John forgot his sunglasses at the party but  they both just happened to work a few blocks away from each other in Bethesda MD.  Thankfully Kristeen offered to return John’s sunglasses to him. I know we were all very excited and surprised when while John and Kristeen were visiting NYC during the Christmas holidays Kristeen posted on her facebook page that she really needed to call her dad right now and that she was smiling from ear to ear. Immediately quite a few of us “John’s friends” were on the phone trying to figure out what she meant by the somewhat cryptic post.  Over the last few years we have all gotten to know and love Kristeen.  I was able to witness the love and joy that these two had for each other during their engagement session.  We looking forward to their upcoming nuptials and I am very happy that John finally found someone that makes him happy and that a new chapter of his life is about to begin.


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