Photos of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle’s & It’s a Small World

I was extremely excited to go to Walt Disney World and take photographs of everything Disney.   Over the course of the 6 days,  we visited most of the Disney theme parks as well as Seaworld.   I was not surprised to see a lot of other people with cameras angling to get into the best position for a photograph of Cinderella Castle.   I later learned that while we were there the suite in the castle was being used by one of the band members of “One Direction”.  I also learned that the suite in the castle has been used less than 700 times since it was built.  The castle was completed in 1971 and was fashioned after Castle Neuschwanstein & Alcazar of Segovia. &

The other castle seen below is Beast’s castle and it opened to the public in 2012.   This castle contains a dining room, ballroom and a west wing.  We tried to cancel our reservations at another restaurant to eat there but then realized that the wait times without a reservation were just too long.

The last set of photographs in the series are of Disney’s It’s a Small World musical boat ride.   The ride was built in 1964 for the New York World’s Fair and moved to Disney Land two years later.  Disney World did not get this attraction until 1971.  The ride features 300 animatrix dolls that look like children from different parts of the world singing “It’s a Small World After All”.  I am writing this blog post before going to bed and I fear that I will hear this song in my dreams tonight.  This song is believed to be the most performed and widely translated across the world and is a favorite among  ice cream trucks that visit our neighborhoods.

All of the photographs on the Small World ride were taken using the 6D and the 50mm 1.8.   Settings were F1.8, 1/80 and ISO 12,800.  While editing in lightroom I set the luminance adjustment at 15 to try and clean up some of the digital noise.  I did lose a little bit of detail in the darker shots but I think they still look pretty good.  I was really impressed that even at such high ISO settings that the images came out relatively well.



I have to admit after day 4 of hauling around my camera and lenses my neck did start to hurt a little :-).

Daughter and wife at the Haunted Mansion

I have to admit I really did like this ride. It was really awesome to see the smiles on my children’s faces as they watched the children singing and moving to the song.



8 thoughts on “Photos of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle’s & It’s a Small World

    • Thank you! I am pretty sure it will be trip that they will never forget. I probably would not take them before until they were at least 5+ years old. That way they can get on a majority of the rides 🙂

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