Great Friends + Good Wine = Great Time

Each May Columbia Maryland has a wine festival called Wine in the Woods.   This event has taken place over the last 20 years in Columbia Maryland.  Wine in the Woods attracts over 25k people from Baltimore to Northern Virginia. Tasting wine is always fun but doing it under a beautiful canopy of trees on a blanket with great food and live entertainment is what really sets this event apart.  Typically there are over 30 local wineries that take part.  Live  music is performed on two different stages and if  you like Jazz, Reggae or Rock n Roll you will not be disappointed Each year my friends have gone but something always popped up and I could not attend the event on the same day that they planned on going.  I was very excited that we were all able to make it this year and that made it very special.  I have known John, Darrell and Erick for over 15 years and many great memories have been created over that span of time.  Two weeks ago we were back in Las Vegas celebrating John’s upcoming wedding to Kristeen.  I am looking forward to their wedding in Cancun which will be here in a couple of weeks :-).     Below are some of the images of us relaxing and just goofing around.

The soon to be newlyweds!

My wife and I are in the first image 🙂


6 thoughts on “Great Friends + Good Wine = Great Time

  1. En France, on dit que si on se met à une table avec des inconnus mais, avec une bouteille de vin, on est tout de suite amis!
    Le vin est un excellent trait d’union (mais, avec modération!)

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