While visiting my in-laws earlier this year I decided to see if I could capture some candid shots of my family hanging out in the den.  I figured for this mission I would go in silent mode.  I was not sure if the kitchen floors would squeak beneath me so like a seal I belly crawled from the living room across the kitchen floor using only my toes to propel me forward.   My hands were used to keep the camera on top of my head.  After a grueling 10 minutes or so I finally took cover behind one of the kitchen counters.  I slowly rose up and to my delight I found my father in law reading an American Girl magazine to my daughter.   I double checked my camera to make sure it was on “stealth mode” AKA Silent mode and started clicking away.

After a few more photos were taken I realized that if they looked up that they would probably see my camera sticking up above the counter so I decided to move to a better local.  I setup behind two small canisters and fired off a few more photographs.  In the last photograph I must have bumped the canister because my wife looked up and I high tailed it out of there :-).


6 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. Mes préférées: la 1 pour la tendresse qu’elle dégage et la 4 pour la beauté naturelle du regard. Peut-être un recadrage possible pour éliminer certaines parties des côtés. Faut voir. J’aime beaucoup.

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