Hiking in Patapsco Valley State Park

This past weekend was a very busy weekend for Marcus and I.  We photographed a wedding in Quantico VA at the Rock Hill Plantation on Friday afternoon and I did not get back home until midnight.  Saturday morning we had a senior portrait session scheduled for 7am and an engagement session scheduled for 8:30am.  When I got back home a little after 12pm on Saturday my little ones ran up to me asking if we could go hiking.  All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and kick back for a few hours but I did not want to dissapoint them so I put on my game face and said lets go!

We went to the Patapsco Valley State Park which thankfully is only 15 minutes from my house. There are numerous trails to traverse but the main one is an 18 mile trek from one side of the park to the other.  Clearly we did not going on that adventure because we probably would not have completed it until the following morning lol. We ended up choosing a modest trail that was 6 miles in length.  This was the first time in years that I have gone on a hike in years.  We trudged along throught the woods for about 4 hours and we did get lost a few times but using my smartphone I was able to get us back on track and figure out where we were on the trail.

I had also brought along my camera hoping to take quite a few photographs but I think I was tired of clicking the shutter button since I had clicked it a little over 1,500 times between the previous day and that morning :-). We did come across what appeared to be a baby mole smack dab in the middle of the trail and I fired a few shots with my phone and the one below with my camera.  While we were watching him the poor thing got attacked by a red ant and he literally started hopping around  in pain.  My son got upset and proceeded to wage war on the other ants that were around it.  When I got back home I was surprised to see that during the 4 hour hike we only took a total of 8 images of which my wife took two.  Of all of the images I think I like her photograph of the spider web the best.




5 thoughts on “Hiking in Patapsco Valley State Park

    • It was a wonderful day and the weather was perfect for a hike in the woods. I’ll have to let my wife know about the spider web :-).

      I only wish she would take more of an interest in photography so that way she could back us up on our weddings :-).

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