Desaturated Images

I am very excited!  Later this evening my wife and I as well as a group of our closest friends are flying to Cancun to watch my friend  John tie the knot to his beautiful Fiance Kristeen.   John is the last single guy in our little group of close-knit friends and I am so excited that he has found a wonderful woman to share the rest of his life with.  I was so excited when they asked me earlier this year to do their engagement photos and you can see them at the link below.

September has been a busy month and this is the first weekend since August where Marcus and I will not be photographing a wedding.  Well I lie because I will be taking  a few pieces of gear with me to Cancun to capture a few images of my buddy getting married.  But I promise to stay in my seat and out-of-the-way of the photographer that was hired for their wedding :-).  Trust me I have learned how frustrating it can be to photograph a wedding when you see LED flashes from 10 to 20 iphones and a few Ipads in the audience.  I am also looking forward to taking some portraits of my wife at the resort and on the beach.

You would figure that I would be spending most of my time packing and making sure everything is in order before leaving but I came across a fellow bloggers site and I was captivated by her work.  I really love the look and feel of her images.   I have seen quite a few other wedding and portrait photographers that desaturate their images and Marcus and I are huge fans of their work but I have never quite gotten the process down.  After watching YouTube videos for about two hours I decided to give it another try and I actually like the results.

Of the duplicate images below the photo on top is the before and the one on the bottom is the desaturated image.  Now the presets that I have created are not necessarily finalized and they most likely  be tweaked here and there.   I am excited that I have learned a new way to process our images and I am curious to know what you guys think.


9 thoughts on “Desaturated Images

  1. I love the look! It looks like a haze. I have a preset that adds haze, but I find that you always have to tweak anyway when using presets. I have not yet figured out how to manually add haze in LR although I can do it in PS.

    • Hi Joylene,

      I can send you some preset’s that I used to create these images later this evening. It really comes down to playing with the tone curves in light room. I watched a ton of videos on You Tube on how to create desaturated images and finally was able to mimic what they were doing.

      • Marcus you are too kind! I am still working in LR3 though and I’m sure you have upgraded beyond that! Most of the presets that are available these days are for 4 and 5 and don’t work correctly in 3. I normally use LR for culling and converting to DNG from RAW and then process in Photoshop, but since I have been in CA and only have my laptop I have been processing in LR. It is excruciatingly slow on this laptop but better than moving to the cloud 🙂 I would love to have your presets if they work in LR3. I only have a week left in CA and then I will probably be going back to PS at home. Thanks so much for the offer, but shouldn’t you be selling these?

      • Sadly we are working in LR4 so you are probably correct in regards to the preset not playing nice with LR30 :-(. I feel your pain because I use to edit on my laptop before and it is quite painful lol. I got so frustrated that after about 6 years of owning nothing but laptops I decided to go ahead and purchase a PC and boy does it make a world of difference :-). In regards to selling my presets.. Nope no way. I have benefited so much from other photographers here on WordPress that I would like to return the favor when possible :-)..

    • Thank you Angelia! I think we will continue to edit the way we have in the past and use the desaturated preset here and there. I just got back from Cancun last night and I really did have a fantastic time.

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