Our Little Visitor

About two weeks ago I had a little visitor stop by unannounced.  I arrived at my house and as I got to my front door I noticed a small cat relaxing on my porch.  I said “hey little buddy” and he just looked up and said “meow”.  I unlocked the door and then I saw him take off through my legs into my house. 
While growing up I was not allowed to own a pet.  My little sister has a severe case of cerebral palsy and they did not feel comfortable having an animal in the home with her.  My grandparents and great grandparents had pets but in Jamaica cats are treated somewhat differently than they are here.  They are allowed to venture around the property and they typically come home to eat and sleep.   As a child I travelled to Jamaica a few times a year and I remember spending hours playing with their dogs and cats. 

 When my little visitor walked into my home I was very surprised and thought okay what now.  I noticed that he did have a collar so I knew that someone owned this little guy.  He sniffed around a little and then he went downstairs to the basement and looked around some more.   I have to say I did not know exactly what to do but I remembered from several episodes of Tom and Jerry that Tom did like milk so I poured some in a bowl and called the little guy over.  Something in the back of my mind told me that maybe cats don’t drink milk so I pulled out my phone and after reading a webmd article that mentioned cats are lactose intolerant I quickly picked up the bowl and threw the milk away. 

Just then my wife and kids walked in the door and when they saw the cat my kids were like oh that Sonya’s cat.  Apparently this little guy rushes out the door every time Sonya comes out to play.  We ended up walking the little guy back to his owners home. 

 Well today while I was emptying the dish washer I heard my wife calling someone and I look around the corner to see that the little guy was in our living room.  The last time he popped over for a visit I did not get a chance to take a photo of him so this time I took a few snap shots of him before my wife returned him to his owner.  My family has been talking about getting a cat for the last few months and I was somewhat on the fence but after spending a few minutes with this cat I think I may be on board to adopt a new family member.  I will keep you posted :-).

Now for the technical info.  This shot was taken with the Canon 6D and the Sigma 85 1.4mm.   The settings were ISO 6400, F1.4 & 1/160.  No luminance or noise reduction used to edit this photo.  I did have to bump up the exposure by 1.25 stops in Lightroom and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that at 6400 ISO this photo is still usable.  This is why I am glad Marcus and I invested in the Canon 6D because at some wedding venues where flash is not allowed all that you can do is boost the ISO and hope for the best. 


12 thoughts on “Our Little Visitor

  1. Oh dear, This is so lovely cat, I think she loved and love you all… Beautiful photograph you did. Welcome to your little visitor 🙂 I loved her. Thanks and Love, nia

  2. He’s so cute. I have several cats who visit my house. I think I’m known as the “cat lady.” We started out with one cat. I got another cat to keep her company . . . but unbeknownst to me the cat we adopted was pregnant. A week later we had four new kittens. Of course I made the mistake of naming them and couldn’t give them up. So we had 6 cats. Two of them passed away last year so we’re down to 4. But I think we must attract all of the neighborhood cats too – we constantly have strays in our yard.

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