Engagement Session with Wes & Camilla in Jerusalem Mills Village

We met up with Wes and Camilla for their engagement photo session in Jerusalem Mills Maryland a few weeks ago.  Over the course of the hour we laughed and laughed about everything. Maybe it was because I started singing a Prince song during the engagement session but that could not be the reason why everyone was laughing.  After all my mother always said that I had a beautiful voice and I know she would not lie to me.   At one point when I asked Camilla to lay in the grass with Wes she gave me a “What you talkin about Willis” look that made me start howling with laughter.  For you young folks out there that was what Gary Colman from the show Different Strokes would say when he did not the same point of view with his older brother. 

Marcus and I have been blessed with the couples that we have met throughout the last few years and Wes and Camilla are not an exception.  We are looking forward to their wedding in the fall of 2014.  For you younger folks out there that may not have gotten my Different Strokes reference you can catch a clip here.  



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