Portrait Session with Sean and Carrie

A couple of weeks ago we met with Sean and Carrie in Savage Mills Maryland for their portrait session. Marcus and I have known Sean for a few years now and due to this there was a natural level of comfort throughout the session. Sessions with couples are always fun because it gives you a peek into what a date with a couple is like. The smiles, kisses and looks of adoration between these two tell us that they truly enjoy each other’s company. Getting to take a peek into their world for a few hours and capturing images that freeze a couple of moments in time for them is very rewarding. It was a pleasure spending a few hours with Sean and Carrie and we hope we can do this again in the future.

Marcus and I are at the tail end of our wedding season with only four weddings left for the year. This has been a rewarding year for us and we thank our clients for their business as well as the numerous referrals that have been sent our way. The good news is that we are almost completely booked for the busiest months of next year’s wedding season. All of the Saturdays in May of 2014 are booked and we only have one Saturday that has not been filled for September. Thanks everyone and we hope that in the future you will consider referring us to friends and relatives.


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