Monday Night Football at Fed Ex Field

Last weekend my buddy asked me if I wanted to go to the Redskins game on Monday night. Normally he takes his wife who is also a big Redskins but she was not able to make it to this game. It has been quite a few years since I have gone to Fed Ex stadium and that is primarily due to the advent of HD televisions. I can sit on my comfy couch and eat whatever I want in the comfort of my basement. But it was a Monday night game and I did have Colin Kapernick and quite a few Skins players as my starting in my fantasy league plus we would be staying in a suite so I said why not. Even though the Redskins had their poorest showing on a Monday night game in years I had a fantastic time!

I brought my new Canon 70-200mm lens to see what I could photograph during the game. What I quickly found out is that I really don’t think I like shooting sports at all. I enjoy watching the games but actually trying to photograph a game was a little boring. Maybe if I had the Canon 500mm lens then it would have been different but seeing as how that lens retails for between eight and ten thousand dollars I’ll pass. I know in the past Marcus used to photograph little league football games in Hartford County. He said it was very challenging running from one side of the football field for an entire day. I admire those that do shoot sports because there are many things that go into capturing a sharp image. I prefer having the ability to direct our subjects prior to click the shutter :-). So I went back to eating, having a few drinks and chatting with my buddy. Thanks Edson for taking me to the game I had a great time! I can’t believe that I had my eyes closed when my friend took the photo of me with the Cheerleaders that had stopped by. Below are just a few images taken that evening.


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