Passion Part II

I love it when I come across a couple holding hands or sneaking a quick kiss in public.  I remember last year while walking around DC taking a few landscape photographs I came across a couple sitting on a bench near the Smithsonian Museum in D.C.  The couple appeared to be in their sixties or seventies.  What I saw was this couple feeding each other French fries while smiling at each other.  I was a little shocked and then I found myself smiling at the couple.  I know a lot of people frown on public displays of affection, but I don’t mind it all.  One of the few things that is free to give and receive in this world is love.  Often with love comes passion for one another and sadly passion is something that can be difficult to maintain throughout a marriage. 

During an engagement session Marcus and I try to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Yes, at times we do direct our couples  to try and place them in a  good position for a nice photograph and we will sometimes  ask them to give each other a quick kiss.  What I love is when a couple gets so into the moment that they forget about us and do their own thing which this couple did quite frequently.  I hope that one day when this couple is older they too will have no problems sitting on a bench in broad daylight sharing a French fry and a smooch or two.   From the images we got from the engagement session they are off to a strong start :-).
Engagement Session Baltimore Maryland


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