Epcot Center’s Illuminatons

I was really surprised by the pyrotechnic displays that we saw at the Disney parks at night. Over the years I have seen firework displays in Washington DC, New York and Baltimore and I think what I saw at Epcot Center rivals all of those. Epcot Center’s show is called Illuminations “Relections of Earth”. The show starts off with a globe sitting out in the water spinning in circles while the sound of drums pound your ear drums. On the globe appears to be very large screens and each screen displays children from different parts of the world. The globe slowly opens up and then appears to explode. With the explosion came a gust of heat and then the fire works started shooting out from the open globe. I The show has three different acts. Chaos, Meaning and Celebration. It was pretty awesome and I am happy that we were able to see the show on two different nights.

The show starts at 9 pm each evening and if you are in a rush to leave I suggest viewing the show from the UK, Mexico or Norway. Otherwise don’t expect to leave the park for an hour or so after it ends.



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