Day Two at the El Dorado Resort & Spa

So what do you do when you’re at a beautiful resort in the Riviera Maya? You play chess. While taking a walk after breakfast we came across this giant chess board. Darrell did not realize that he was up against the Chess Champion at age 7 in his elementary school. Actually I lost the championship to a 4th grader but hey the trophy I have says Chess Champion of Cynthia Warner Elementary School. Come to think of it not sure how much competition there was seeing as how there were only 7 kids in my class and less than 60 kids in the entire school :-). I can’t remember whose idea it was to turn the game into a round of checkers. It just so happened that we were playing right in front of the room of the soon to be newlyweds.

Spending quite a lot of time in Jamaica growing up I have an affinity for the beach. I don’t care if it is a beach in the DR, JA or Maryland’s Eastern shore. For that reason my wife and I always try to schedule a beach vacation or two each year. This year was extra special because we could enjoy it with our closest friends. Growing up Eric and I have always been extremely competitive. I don’t care if it was football, basketball, weight lifting or video games. I don’t want to say how many hours we logged playing Call of Duty over the last few years lol. So of course we could not just relax on the beach, we had to play a round of horse. Since I am writing this blog I can say I DESTROYED him! No truly I did destroy him.

Later in the afternoon we all met up for cocktails with the newlyweds families. I had a great time getting to know their family members and I could clearly see who they got their personality traits from. After cocktails we ended up heading out to see what the night life at the resort was like. It was pretty nice although I did notice that they tended to shut things down rather early. That may be possibly be due to it being a couples destination resort.


8 thoughts on “Day Two at the El Dorado Resort & Spa

    • Thank you for the compliment:-). There were quite a few of the chess boards scattered around the property but not too many were in use. Did a google search for the Island you mentioned and wow. It looks like a great place to visit or buy vacation property. Although I imagine the property insurance has got to be sky high lol. We can dream though :-).

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