She’s Getting Older

I look at these photographs of my niece and I am amazed at how time flies. She’s wrapping up her senior year and at Thanksgiving we found out that she got accepted into the nursing program that she had applied for.

It was just this past summer her and her “boyfriend” stayed with us at the beach for a few days. I admit that it was a little weird but they are both good kids and this was the second year they stayed with us. Only difference was that last year her mother came down too. While visiting she was talking about which colleges she had applied for and she was still in the process of deciding which college she wanted to attend. I kept thinking wow time has really flown. I thought about my daughter and I realized that she will one day grow up too. I will try my best and stall the process but…

While browsing through my image galleries I came across these two photographs that were taken this Thanksgiving. What a beautiful young woman she is turning out to be. Hoping that all of her dreams come true and that she calls her uncle Dino up when she decides to get married. Of course that better be not be anytime sooner than 10 years from now!!!!!
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