Portrait of Brittany

Today we are sharing a portrait from a family portrait session that took place last weekend at a clients home in Columbia Maryland. This portrait is of Brittany and she is attending college out in California and she flew in to spend time with her family for the holidays. In the fall Marcus and I had a senior portrait session with her brother Josh. Mom loved the photographs from that session and booked us for a family portrait session when all of her children would be home.

Marcus and I hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday season with their family and friends!

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers


10 thoughts on “Portrait of Brittany

    • We welcome your visit any time. We would definitely love to work with a beautiful model such as yourself. Or did you mean going on a few sessions with us 🙂 :-). Love your new website by the way. Very happy for you and I found myself smiling at a lot of memories you were able to capture.

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