Day Three at the Eldorado Resort and Spa

Well the day finally arrived for my buddy John to get married. Although I knew that J & K had hired videographers and a photographer I found myself wishing that Marcus was here. Thankfully Kristeen’s dad had covered a few events for family and friends and is an avid landscape photographer. I headed up to the grooms room to take a few getting ready shots and Kristeen’s dad was capturing the shots of her getting ready.

The ceremony started at 3:30 in the afternoon and we were dealing with the harsh sunlight. While seated prior to the start of the ceremony I noticed that the photographer that was hired was not going to use flash. So I decided to pop flash from where I was seated to try and eliminate some of the harsh shadows from their faces that I would expect to have without using it. Plus it would give a slightly different look and feel to the images that the photographer would give them. Out of mutual respect I did not want to get into the photographers way and I also wanted to enjoy the moment so I stayed seated until Kristeen’s dad got up to start taking photographs. When he got up my wife looked at me and she knew I was dying to get up too, so she nodded and off I went.

The reception went off without a hitch and I really loved intimacy of it. There were quite a few tears spilled and voices catching during the speeches. I honestly thought I would be nervous but I quickly realized I was there surrounded by people that I loved and I know feel the same way about me so I talked and talked and talked lol. This trip was special to all of us and I think it will easily remain as one of the top 10 memories of my life. What makes it extra special is that we were all there on the first day that these two met.
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