Snapshots of MGM Studios

I am sharing a few photographs that I took at MGM studios when we visited last spring.  For thrill seekers MGM seemed to have more adult thrill rides than the other parks.  We had a great time but the most memorable moment was at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe.  Since I did not finish my vegetables I was literally grabbed out of my chair and forced to stand up and sing ” I’m A Little Teapot to everyone else in the restaurant.  Singing was apparently not enough because the hostess grabbed my arms and my waist and made me due to the movements for the song.  At least the kids had fun at my expense.

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8 thoughts on “Snapshots of MGM Studios

    • Thankfully my wife did not know how to shoot on manual mode.. She picked up the camera and nothing is exposed lol. It was a lot of fun and worth to see at least once ot twice if possible. Disney truly is a magical place to visit!

    • :-). It would seem so but last year I probably traveled more in one year than I had the in the last 3 combined. Between Disney, Vegas, week at the beach, buddies wedding in Mexico…. I’m Glad to take a breather. To top if off we had to get a new roof & new air conditioning for the house. I can easily say that 2013 was the costliest year our family has ever seen. That being said if nothing else happens out of the ordinary.. We hope to travel to the Dominican in March. Keeping my fingers crossed :-)….

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