Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

One of the interesting things to see while visiting MGM is the Indiana Jones show.  You get to watch Indy navigate around a booby trapped temple attempting to steal the golden idol.  He has to avoid spears shooting up through the ground as well run from a boulder and finally jump down off a cliff.  In the next scene Indy has to stop a jeep loaded with explosives and that ends in a big explosion.  The final scene has Indy trying to escape by boarding a Luftwaffe aircraft but he runs into a huge German mechanic and fisticuffs ensue.  One of the cool things about the show is they actually pick around 15 volunteers from the audience to be a part of it.  The show was really one of the most memorable experiences at MGM studios and I would highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

Indiana Jones at MGM Studios.  Howard County Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Indiana Jones at MGM Studios Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait Photographers


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