Looking Back Post 2

This portrait was taken at the end of John and Kristeen’s engagement session in Georgetown Maryland last summer.  As I mentioned in the first post I have decided to go back and look at some of the photographs taken from previous portrait sessions that were not edited.  The reasons could be that at the time I thought the focus was off or the facial expressions were not appealing or the light may not have been ideal.  Well I came across this image and after looking at it for quite some time I decided to edit it.

John and Kristeen had scheduled a three-hour engagement session and the location of the first part of the session was Glen Echo Park .  After that we headed to Georgetown.  Close to the end of the shoot Kristeen begged John to walk under the fountains at the Georgetown Waterfront Park.  I also thought it would be a great place for a kiss and Kristeen was all for it.  John on other hand was really against it because he did not want to get wet.   Finally after about 15 minutes of pleading from Kristeen and me throwing my 2 cents in  he gave in :-).  The photograph of the kiss can be seen in their blog post but this portrait was taken shortly thereafter.

Tonight while looking at the expression on both of their faces It looks like it was worth it after all. You can see there is a hint of a smile on John’s face while Kristeen expression is joyful that he went through with it.   This little project is turning out to be a lot of fun because I can sort of relive the memories created during these portrait sessions.


Portrait from an engagement session in Georgetown Maryland,  Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Portrait from an engagement session in Georgetown Maryland



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