Boudoir Session Columbia Maryland Image (4)

Howard County Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Boudoir Session Columbia Maryland

Leading up to this session we started a Pinterest board so that everyone involved in the shoot would have an idea of what poses we would be going for as well as the overall feel of the shoot.  No one involved had any experience with boudoir photography.

One of the interesting things leading up to the session was to see how our Pinterest repins exploded.  What I mean is previously we would have one or two of our images on our boards repinned  once ever other day.  Since creating the board for this session we are averaging about 8  repins per hour.  We actually turned off the email notifications from Pinterest because we did not want client emails to get lost in our inbox.

Some of the pins had comments like ” Oh my hubby will love this one” or ” I love that lingerie”.  We actually spent some time looking at who exactly was repinning those images and it turns out that well over 96% were women of which slightly over 30% were  photographers.  Since we have started this series of post earlier this week we have had two  inquiries from potential clients.  I guess there is market for this segment of photography in our area.  Who knew?

Model: Laura

Hair & Makeup: Aryn Wilson (

Location: Columbia Maryland Hilton

Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait Photographers


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