Our First Bride

While going back into our archives looking for photographs that we had not previously edited I came across this photograph of Stacy our first bride.  When I saw this photograph it immediately brought back memories from that day.  Marcus and I very excited because the wedding was taking place at the Grammercy Mansion in Towson Maryland.  The wedding was going scheduled to be outside in one of the many gardens there and we were so excited because the location of the ceremony was beautiful.

Well wouldn’t you know it the day of the wedding it was pouring down rain, so the ceremony was moved to the patio which was covered by a tarp.  Stacy of course was a little disappointed but Marcus reminded her of the myth that rain on your wedding day is good luck and means that there will be children in the immediate future.    There is also another myth about rain being bad luck but no one wants to hear about that myth :-).  Marcus had apprenticed under a well known Maryland wedding and photographer a few years earlier but I had just started taking an interest in portraits and this was going to be my first wedding. He had quite a few weddings under his belt but I on the other hand was  incredibly stressed.  Knowing that Stacy’s family had flown from England made them a priority in my mind because it was not often they came to visit.  I kept thinking I hope they don’t mind the crazy photographer constantly taking photos of them.    The lighting where the ceremony was taking place was difficult but I bumped the ISO up and made sure my settings was ready to go and the game was on. It is amazing how many things you have to process when shooting a wedding.  The lighting can be okay from where you are currently standing but then take a just one step forward or back and then you may have to change something to get the proper exposure.  You are constantly running through various scenarios and the adrenaline rush is amazing! From that moment I was hooked!  I was thankful that after delivering the images both Josh and Stacy’s families contacted us to let us know how happy they were with the images that we produced.

This photograph was taken in the bridal suite and Stacy was sitting on the bed talking to her bridesmaids.   Look in her eyes.  You can see how happy she is that she was soon going to be marrying her best friend and the love of her life :-).  As a wedding photographer  for a few hours you get to peek into the window of a couples. Albeit one of the most joyful days of their lives.  You get to witness all of the tears and laughter and you cannot help but to be moved by all of the emotions on display :-).    Thank you Josh and Stacy for allowing us to capture your special day.

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Our first bride


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