Boudoir Session (14) Arianna

Here is another photograph of Arianna. It was taken during our boudoir session held here in Columbia Maryland a few weeks ago.   So far the feedback has been pretty good judging in regards to the images displayed so far and that makes us happy.  We think the sessions that we held provided us with enough images for a small boudoir portfolio so that we can show prospective clients our take on the subject.

In the next day or two I will post a few images from our couples boudoir session and I am looking forward to expressing my feelings on that topic.  The images are a little racier and it is simply because you have two people in or around a bed that are not fully clothed. There is a completely different undercurrent to that type of session and I am very curious what you guys  think of those particular images.

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4 thoughts on “Boudoir Session (14) Arianna

    • Lol….. To be honest… A little nervous about posting the couple shots and I actually just finished the blog post. Thank you for your wonderful compliment. Looking forward to hearing your opinion about the couples boudoir shots.. :-)..

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