Time Piece Image #1

About a week ago I got the itch to start using my Macro lens more frequently.  I have owned it for a year now and I have probably used it to capture less than 200 images.  I wanted to use it for a photo project for this upcoming year and I finally figure out that subject matter will be watches.   I have noticed that  a few nice watches are worn in my office so I have decided that over the course of the next two months, I will try to borrow as many watches that I can.  My goal will be to photograph 30 watches over the course of the next 60 days and a co-worker graciously let me borrow the watch shown in the photograph below.

One watch down another 29 to go :-).  While writing this blog post I was reminded to send a text to a buddy that I work with to his bring his watch in tomorrow. The photo at the bottom describes how that conversation went.  He is a good  friend of mine and it’s just the way we talk at times.


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4 thoughts on “Time Piece Image #1

    • Yeah I would say that 60% of the guys in my office where a watch. But it is true that smartphones for the most part have replaced the keeping track of time function . I am looking forward to this project, it will keep me on my toes..

  1. Neat project. Don’t forget to include women’s watches! 🙂 I love and wear mine every day. If I should (but almost never do) forget it, my day is all askew and I feel I’m missing a part of me. lol Same goes for earrings! I think it’s a woman thing. LOL

    • Thanks Donna. wear a watch about 5 days out of the week. I used to collect them but then my priorities changed :-). I actually plan on taking a few images of one of my wifes watches this weekend. We will see how that turns out. I wear a watch most of the time but not the earrings :-). Actually back in my teenage days I did wear a stud or two lol.. Thankfully there are no photographs from those days :-)….

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