Couple’s Boudoir Session

As I mentioned in the previous post, couple’s boudoir sessions are very very tricky. Jessica and her husband were primarily interested in a couples boudoir session and we thought it would be interesting to shoot one since we have never attempted to before.

I remember listening to a podcast a few days before Christmas called “Shutter Time with Sid & Mac”. Mac is a boudoir photographer located in Edmonton Calgary and he mentioned that couples sessions were very difficult and I could not agree more. He did not go into details why they were so different from a typical boudoir session but after our experience I can understand why. It’s not that I think there is anything wrong with it. If a couple wants to have those type of pictures of themselves that’s fine but im not sure if I see the appeal.

I guess I could never be behind the camera of movie or a soap opera, then again I can see the point of those scenes if it is important to the story line. Capturing still images of a man and a woman together in a sensual way without crossing lines of what could be considered indecent is difficult to do, maybe impossible because everyone has their own standards and tastes. It’s kinda like walking a tightrope. Too much skin or affection while not being fully dressed may bother some people. On the other hand if these were clients these images would not be displayed and I highly doubt a client would share them with anyone.

Marcus and I discussed our feelings after editing these images and we are not sure if we want to offer couple’s session much less is it even worth it? I don’t know even know how big the market place is for this type of photography. Do I like our images? Yes. Do I feel comfortable shooting it? I am leaning to say I don’t think so. Couples boudoir does bring a level of intimacy and eroticism that we are not too comfortable with. In my mind it is radically different from shooting a typical boudoir or nude portraits. I think boudoir and nude’s are about celebrating the beauty of a woman from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, and we are cool with that. With boudoir you take the client as a whole and find the beauty not only in their face but their figure we well.

In any case we are thankful for the opportunity to give it a try and we thank Jessica and her husband for their participation. We are not closing the book forever on couples boudoir but for now we will leave this segment to those that actually enjoy shooting this style of boudoir photography.

Howard County Portrait Photographers

Couples Boudoir Session Columbia Maryland Model: Jessica & H Hair & Makeup: Aryn Wilson


7 thoughts on “Couple’s Boudoir Session

  1. I appreciate your narrative about your experience w/ this session. This is an area I know I would not feel comfortable with. (I do think that this couple will be happy with these shots.)

    • Thanks Donna! We heard back from them over the weekend and thankfully they did like their photo’s!

      We have no regrets about trying couples boudoir.. It was interesting and again very difficult. But we are pleased with what we were able to create :-)..

      Are you batting down the hatches for this upcoming weather?

      • After all was said and done, we only got about 6″ of snow and slush. It’s crazy how the Chesapeake Bay affects the weather patterns. Oh, and have you already seen by end of next week we are going to be in the 50’s! LOL I say, bring it on!! 🙂

      • I hear ya on that. It was funny because it hit 50 yesterday and I almost felt over dressed. So use to a high of 30 that I thought 50 felt like a nice spring day lol.

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