Timepiece #5

Tomorrow is the final 14 hour day I will have to work until next month.  Staring at numbers and bond structures for the last 8 days has been killing me lol.  Looking forward to catching up on all of the blog posts that I have missed out on.


When I started this series of blog posts on watches  a fellow blogger asked me to include a few women’s watches.   After hunting around today I found the  watch below which belongs to my wife.   She does not take the same care of her watches as  I do.  Also due to the amount of polished metal used on this watch it  shows scratches very easily.


Movado was started in 1881 by Achilles Ditesheim who was a 19 year old kid that hired a few watch makers to start a watch company in Switzerland.     All of the original watches were created by hand. The name Movado means “always in motion”.   Movado created the Calendomatic movement which gave the date, month & year on a watch.   The museum timepiece above was not introduced until 1947 and they named it the Movado museum dial.   Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first big celebrities to start wearing a Movado watch. 


Today Movado makes watches with quartz and mechanical movements and they market other brands such as Ebel, Concord,Coach, Tommy Hilfiger & Lacoste.  A few watch snobs look down on the brand for what they consider to be “selling out” by allowing fashionable name plates to slap their names on their watches. I say to each his own.


I am a watch enthusiast and I do prefer automatic movements to quartz movements but I own a few quartz movements and love them too.  I appreciate the value of the craftsmanship that it takes to create an automatic movement and depending on the movement they tend to be more accurate more than quartz movements.  My wife has always liked the Movado brand and I bought this as a Christmas gift a few years ago. This watch does have a quartz movement made from the Swatch company.  Movado watches retail between $400 and $3,000 and the ones displayed at most stores in the mall are in the $600 to $1,200 range. 


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2 thoughts on “Timepiece #5

    • Movado makes great watches… My wife says she loves hers but I found it on the bottom of one of her drawers! She is wearing one of those ceramic pieces that is popular these day’s.

      I prefer classic styled watches and diver watches. I refuse to follow the trends :-). Your daughter will appreciate your watches when you pass them down to her one day! Movado’s hold their value very well.

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