Timepiece #7

I swapped one of my watches for the day with a friend/co-worker.  We spent some time getting adjusted to each other.   It only took about two hours for the bromance begin.  We went to the jewelry store, grocery store and eventually we grilled burgers last night :-).  Sadly tomorrow we will have to part ways but since we will see each other quite a bit since I work his owner. 

The Doxa watch company predates the sub by almost a century.  The company was founded in 1889 by George Ducommun in the Jura Mountains. It is said that  watch making there dated back into the 1500’s.  The patent for the first Doxa watch was created in 1908.  The movement was so reliable that the company was hired to produce wristwatches for the German soldiers in World War I.   Doxa was also one of the first watchmakers to produce timepieces found in automobiles and they became the official supplier for the sports car company Bugatti. 

 In 1954 they gave a gold watch to each member of West Germany’s soccer team for winning the World Cup.  Yes I said soccer but I know in most parts of the world it is called Football J.   Doxa made the biggest splash in the market when it started to create waterproof watches and that happened in 1967.

 Sadly for them the Quartz movement revolution was only a few years away and it really hit the Swiss watch industry hard because accurate, reliable, time pieces could now be made without all of the complex mechanical movements.  Due to how cheap it was to now make accurate timepieces a lot of Swiss Companies had to close their shops.   Doxa was one of them and had to close up shop in 1980.   

 The Jenny family in Switzerland purchased the company in the early 90’s and they started to introduce the brand back into the marketplace. 

Doxa is very well respected amongst the diving community.   Most if not all of the Doxa watches have some orange in the dial and that is because orange is more visible in murky water than almost any other color.  My buddy has taken this watch deep sea diving off of the coast of Thailand, Australia and Cozumel and he said he has yet to have any problems with it. 

You can find old vintage Doxa’s on Ebay from between $200 to $3,000.  Most of the new watches sell for between $2,000 to $3,000 and the watch pictured above retails for $2,700. 

Doxa Sub 750T








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