Boudoir Sessions Wrap-up

Well this will be our last post from the boudoir sessions we held in January.  We had a lot of fun and we are glad that we decided to  venture into this segment of photography.     We have seen images from wedding photographers that also do boudoir sessions and we often wonder how would we approach a session like that.  We knew hair and makeup was a must and we are very thankful that Aryn Wilson volunteered to fill that role for us on this project.  The hotel was another matter.  I visited and took photographs of the rooms in eight hotels and finally ended up choosing the Hilton here in Columbia Maryland.

In recent years boudoir photography has gained a lot of traction.  Sometimes a bride may want them done as an intimate wedding gift for their husband.   I have also recently learned that boudoir sessions are popular among military families where the husband may be deployed overseas for very long periods of time.   But we all know boudoir photography is really unlike any other form of photography and is very private in nature.

Maybe it’s because Marcus and I are literally only a few days apart in age why we get along on so well and often share the same creative vision.  We were not looking to create images that were too “racy”. We just wanted to try to capture the female form in a glamorous & sensual way.  We told everyone involved to wear what they felt comfortable in.  That could be anything from a t-shirt and boxers, tank top with jeans, and of course lingerie.

I think to have a successful portrait session it is important for the client to be comfortable.  I also think the photographer plays a huge role in making their clients feel comfortable because they are putting their trust in you.  That statement is far more relevant when it comes to boudoir sessions.

Posing in a boudoir session is a different beast.  Their is a lot of skin on display and it is of the photographer to analyze your subject and make sure you photograph them in the best possible way.   I found this to be far more challenging than any other session that we have done.   I think the worst thing one can do during a session like this is to make someone look bigger than they are.   Listening to the client is also very key.  The client may not like her knees, legs, glutes etc etc.  And  as the photographer you may not see or understand what they are talking about, but you need to take their concerns seriously and try to ease her fears.

Some boudoir photographers do nude and topless shoots with their clients.   Marcus and I are both married and we are grateful that our wives don’t mind us shooting boudoir photography and we would like to keep it that way :-).   I know I speak for Marcus when I say I there are ways to pose a semi-nude woman that displays her beauty without objectify her.  The main key to a great boudoir session is to make sure that the client’s experience is comfortable, beautiful & safe.

I mentioned earlier we learned a lot and there are a few things that we would do differently the next time around.  For the most part we were happy with the images that we were able to create. We are thinking about hosting another session at the end of this year at a beautiful bed and breakfast here in Howard County.  One other thing is that judging by the traffic to our website since we started posting a few images on a few social networks, traffic to our website has increased by over 600%.  That tells me that there is some interest in this segment of photography.

The images below are of Laura, a proud mother three boys and a dear friend of ours.  Thanks to everyone involved in the sessions and a special thanks to Aryn Wilson who committed over 10 hours to this project.

Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait PHotographers

Model: Laura Location: Hilton Columbia Maryland Hair&Makeup: Aryn Wilson

Howard County Portrait & Wedding Photographers

2 thoughts on “Boudoir Sessions Wrap-up

    • Thanks Jules! It helps that she has worked with us a few times in the past and trusted us to make sure she looked good. 😊. When she showed us her options of what she wanted to possibly wear to the shoot I thought this outfit would look great with her tattoos so I’m glad she chose to wear it.

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