Wedding Season Kicks Off

Marcus and I are looking forward to kicking off this years wedding season with Darian and Yarla’s wedding occurring this weekend.  Darian is a childhood friend of mine and over the years many fond memories have been created.  There was a time when we probably saw each other almost every day lol.   Double dating, check. Amusement Parks, check. Movies, check. Clubbing….  I swear Darian could find a club to go to on a Tuesday, may not have been a good one but he knew all the spots :-).    I think the summer after we turned 18 we went clubbing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even some Sunday nights lol.

After he joined the military we lost contact for a few years.  It’s always interesting to see what career paths your childhood friends have chosen. In Darian’s case,  I was not surprised to find out  that he is now an officer of the law.    I was very happy when he asked me if we would photograph his wedding.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that Yarla is  also a fellow Jamaican :-).  Seeing as how I will know quite a few folks at this wedding I will probably ask Marcus to get a group shot or two with me and the wedding party.  Just kidding. Well maybe not 🙂 :-).

Howard County Maryland

Engagement Session Annapolis Maryland
Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers


4 thoughts on “Wedding Season Kicks Off

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