New Born Portrait Session with Damone

Marcus and I will freely admit our specialty is not newborn photography.  I think newborn photography is one of the most challenging areas of photography and I admire those that do it for a living.  So when Katrina asked us during her maternity session if she could schedule a newborn session with us we made sure to explain that to her.   In any case since Katrina is a repeat client and her maternity session was the third session with us within the last two years.  The session was originally scheduled for one hour but quickly ran over to two.  You can’t tell a newborn to smile or tilt their heads a certain way, not to mention boys don’t mind marking their territory when the feel a breeze :-). Also at any moment they may need a snack or they could be having a bad dream. All that aside Marcus and I had fun and are pleased with some of the images that came out of the session.  Below is a photograph of little Damone.

Howard County Wedding and Portrait PHotographers

New Born Session in White Marsh Maryland

Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait Photographers




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