Zebra’s at the National Zoo Washington DC

Visiting the Zebras at the national zoo turned out to be an interesting experience. At first I thought these two Zebras were just playing with each other. Then I realized that they were not really playing, the male zebra was feeling a little amorous. The female was having none of that. He kept trying to mount the female and she would turn around and push him away. At one point she started running away and the male gave chase.

To the left of the Zebra exhibit you had the Cheetah exhibit and I kept thinking the poor Cheetahs. They are right next to some prime meat and being taunted by it. At one point the Zebra came right up to the Cheetahs fence and the Cheetah jumped on the fence took a swipe at the Zebra. This visit to the National Zoo in DC was one of the most memorable ones that I have had in years.

Howard County Photographers

National Zoo Washington D.C

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