Why Guy’s Don’t Smile in Photographs?

I was having a discussion with Marcus about how hard it is to capture photos of guys genuinely smiling during engagement or couples sessions. During our engagement sessions I would say 50% of the time we pose our couples and the remaining time we just let them do their thing while talking to them about their upcoming wedding. During most of these sessions it is far more difficult to draw a genuine smile out of a guy.

There was a study done by the University of British Columbia that revealed that women generally don’t find smiling, happy guys attractive. The participants were shown over a 1000 images of guys with different facial expressions. Most of the women thought that the photos of men displaying neutral faces and a scowl were “hotter” than the ones with guys cheesing for the camera. Probably goes back to that saying “nice guys finish last”? Women preferred the images of the guys that held their heads high with a neutral expression as well as a slight scowl which indicated pride and confidence. Think about all the celebrity photographs that you see of men. Guys like Adam Levine, Gael Garcia Bernal, Jared Leto, Idris Alba, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling, Kanye and Tom Brady. In a lot of their posed photos in magazines you’ll see that often times they are not smiling it up for the camera. The interesting thing is that another study showed that men rated photographs of smiling women higher than ones with neutral faces.

So I looked through some of the very few photographs that were taken of me over the years and I realized that I don’t have too many of me smiling either. Now most people who know me know that I am a glass half full kinda guy. Always quick to smile, laugh and make the best of any situation. But apparently when it comes to having my photo taken I quickly turn into Mr. Serious. Hey after all, maybe it was my slight scowl and the come hither look that drew my wife’s attention lol. The photograph below is from a couple’s session that Marcus did last year for my wife and I. This is one of the few photographs that I think I see a small smile?? Or is it actually a scowl :-).

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Portrait Session Maple Lawn Maryland

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers


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