Engagement Session at the National Harbor

As I sat at my computer a couple of months ago editing photos I received a call from Dino. When I answered, Dino says a college friend of yours contacted us and inquired about us photographing his wedding in June. I thought college friend, who could it be, I went to two undergraduate schools and two grad schools. I hopped on Facebook to look at all of my friend’s status updates and no luck. So, the waiting game began.

A few hours later I received a call from a Washington D.C. number. “ Hey Marcus, it’s Ralph”. Talk about being surprised. I immediately flashed back to all the good and slightly crazy times we had back in my years at year at Virginia Union Ralph was there for quite a few of them. After spending some time catching up we started discussing his upcoming wedding.

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day,
When its cold outside I’ve got the month of May
Id guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way”?

Whenever we have a portrait session scheduled and I wake up to a cloudy day a really do smile. Trying to navigate harsh lighting conditions during an engagement session or a wedding is extremely challenging. Unless you have a direct line to the big fella in the sky, shooting in harsh light is sometimes unavoidable and you have find ways to work around it. Trying to find areas that have an ample amount of shade can be quite stressful especially if that area is not as photogenic as the areas where the sun is shining down on. Of course there are tools such as using fill flash or possibly a reflector but it’s not terribly ideal. We were very lucky because on the day of their engagement session we woke up to a cloudy morning which is ideal for an outdoor session.

We scheduled the engagement session for 7:15 am and the site chosen was the National Harbor. Going into the session we planned on using some of the indoor locations such as the Gaylord and the Mayorga Café to add something different to this session, plus it’s much easier to control the lighting while shooting indoors. But due to how early their session was and throw in the cloudy day, we were able to shoot everywhere that we thought would make an interesting photograph. Dino and I are looking forward to their wedding in June and below are some images from their engagement session.


The Capital Wheel.

Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait Photographers


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