Model Mayhem & One Model Place

Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Model:Michelle Location: Lake Kittmaqundi Columbia Maryland

When Marcus and I were starting building our portfolio one of the best decisions we made was using Model Mayhem. Since these were going to be TPF shoots we contacted models that lived in our city. It was one of the best decisions that we ever made and their have been quite a few payoffs since then.

One of my old friends recommended us to a professor that was looking to have some family portraits done. It just so happened that when the professor went to our site she saw photographs of Michelle. It turns out that Michelle was one of her brightest students and she had fond memories of her being in her class. Last year we did two portrait sessions for her family and she also brought us two more clients :-).

Last month due to the reviews that we have gotten from models that have worked with us in the past, a modeling agency reached out to us and inquired about shooting their models for them. Marcus and I are beyond excited because we stand to make a couple of $$$ per hour for each session. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can seal the deal! For anyone starting out in portrait photography you may want to consider using sites like Model Mayhem or One Model Place to grow your portfolio. It has worked for us and continues to reap rewards. Plus you get to practice your craft with people who enjoy having their photo taken :-).
Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait Photographers


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