Best Birthday Ever

Friday I pulled up at my house to see my daughter and her friends holding a kitten in their hands. All of the little girls were very excited and they told me that they found it just lying in the grass. I asked if they saw the mother anywhere and they said no.  We were supposed to be taking my daughter to her favorite restaurant to celebrate her birthday so I wanted to stay out of the situation. I went inside the house and spoke with my wife about the kitten. We noticed a couple parents of the other little girls outside so I went out and we all started talking about what to do with the kitten. None of the other parents wanted anything to do with it and after a while the girls ended up going around the neighborhood asking the other neighbor’s if they wanted a kitten. Of course there were no takers. 

Our family took in a kitten last October and in some ways I am still surprised we did. I never really wanted a pet but the day Autumn followed me home and ran inside with me a bond was quickly formed. I remember thinking okay, what do I do now. When I found out that she belonged to a neighbor that did not want her anymore we took her in. She is now a member of our family and I am happy about our decision to take her in. I think this may be the reason my daughter and her friends were looking to me to do something about it. While deep inside I was really hoping that they would put the kitty back where they found it and the mother would come and get it.  My wife destroyed that dream when she told me when a kitten is picked up by humans, usually the mother will have nothing to do with it anymore.

So it is now close to 7pm and I know that most shelters probably would be closed at this time but my wife and I started googling and calling every shelter in the county in hopes that we could find one open. Finally we ran across a place that claimed that they were open until 8pm on Fridays. I pulled out my phone and plugged in the address into the GPS,  it showed that we were only six miles away from the shelter. I rounded up the family and off we went.

When we pulled up to the shelter we saw that the lights were on but there was a sign on the door that stated they were closed. I was a little miffed at this point because this was not how I wanted to spend my Friday evening. My wife noticed that next door there was a veterinary hospital that looked to be open so I walked in and explained the situation to the receptionist.

 She proceeded to tell me that it would be best if I went to Pet Smart and picked up some food for the kitten and try to find a shelter that could take the kitten in on Monday. I told her that the kitten was probably only a few weeks old and even I knew that milk was probably the only thing it would be able to eat. Thankfully she went and got the vet who took one look at the kitten and pretty much volunteered to take her in if as long as we signed her over to us. She mentioned that at this age the kitten would need to be bottle fed every three to four hours and her female parts would need massaging so that she could do her thing. I was definitely not going to be doing any late night feedings and massaging  anything! In the end I am glad she found a home and my daughter proceeded to say it was her best birthday ever. We are very thankful to the folks at Bethany Centennial Hospital for taking the kitten in and we will start taking Autumn there for her checkups.

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6 thoughts on “Best Birthday Ever

    • Thanks Melissa :-)… Trust me when I say that their was a battle waging in my mind to put her back they found her. But I probably would not be able to sleep wondering what it was doing, was it okay etc. I could picture myself going out every few hours to check on her anyway lol. In the end my daughter was happy and hopefully she will be placed in a loving home! Thanks for the kind comment..:-)

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