Tanil & Maiya’s Maternity Session at Lake Kittamaquandi

A friend is someone you can count on to share the good times and bad times.  Someone you can share your thoughts with and will listen no matter what the subject is.  A friend will guard your secrets and will never let you down.  They will offer advice and tell you when you are right as well as wrong. A friend is someone who will help you tackle life’s obstacles. They should be someone who mirrors your reputation and compliments yourself.  This is what I think of when I think of my friend Tanil.

I was very happy when my friend contacted me a few months ago to schedule a maternity session.  The session was originally scheduled to be at Centennial Park in Columbia Maryland but when I arrived the park was packed for the Special Olympics race occurring that morning.  So we headed over to Lake Kittamaquandi.  Upon arrival we noticed that a charity event to raise money for cancer research was being held here.  Luckily the event had not started yet and we were able to capture the images below.  It was an honor that they chose me to capture these photographs.   I will most likely be at the beach when they give birth to their daughter, but I will be looking forward to the introduction to their baby girl when I get back.

Howard County Wedding & Portrait PHotographers

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers


Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers


6 thoughts on “Tanil & Maiya’s Maternity Session at Lake Kittamaquandi

    • Thank you Maralee! I was a little stressed out when the first location turned out to be a bust. Thankfully I had a backup plan.. So glad I did not have to go to my third option and looking back I feel as though this location had more to offer than the original. Tulips are probably my favorite flower so when I saw them I knew we had to use them.

  1. Gorgeous!!! I love your style…. so clean and bright and happy, yet creates a deep sense of connection. You clearly have an awesome gift for connecting with your clients as well as mad photo skills 😉 My favorites are the red flowers, the close-up on on the bench and the b/w one by the river. I will be studying these. I don’t do many portrait sessions and need work on my posing. Can I ask what is your favorite lens for portraiture? And are you part of the Nikon or Canon camp? (I’m a Canon girl)

    • Thank you Lisa 🙂 :-). We just try and make sure our couples have a good time hanging out with us and if they are it will show in the photos. For portraits I actually have two favorite lenses. The Sigma 85 1.4 and the Canon 70-200. I live the compression from the 70-200 but the Sigma is probably the sharpest and quickest to focus lens in my arsenal. I just bought another Canon 6D last week so I can now stop switching lenses so often between the two. I rarely use the 24-70 these days unless taking group shots at a wedding. When I first started out Pinterest was a god send but some poses don’t always work for an individual. We still have a ways to go in regards to posing but we are much more confident than we were a few years ago. The biggest challenge for me is still Maternity sessions.

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