The One Ocean Show at Orlando’s SeaWorld

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Orcas at SeaWorld

Even though I have gone to Orlando to visit Disney World a few times as a child, we never made it to SeaWorld. So when we planned our first family trip to Disney last year SeaWorld was at the top of the list of places to visit.

The main attraction at Sea World has to be the Orcas! The show that features these beautiful animals is called “One Ocean”. As a child growing up I heard about Shamu and it was not until I visited the park that I learned that all the killer whales in the show have the stage name Shamu. Apparently Shamu was the name of the first female Orca at San Diego’s SeaWorld. The real names of the orcas at the Orlando location are Katina, Trua, Kayla, Tilikum, Nalina, Makaio and Malia.

SeaWorld turned 50 this year and has been in the news a lot recently. They are facing a lot of pressure to end the captivity of its killer whales at all of their parks. From what I have read Killer Whales can have the lifespan of a human but the Orca’s at the SeaWorld tend not to make it into their twenties.
Admittedly I am not well versed on the subject of Orca’s in captivity and I only started looking into it after getting home and thinking about the our visit to the park.

I did have an amazing time watching the show but a part of me now feels that keeping these creatures in captivity is wrong. Killer whales are social creatures that tend to travel in relatively large groups and no matter how big the fish tank is, it’s still a fish tank. Oh well this blog post is really just to show how beautiful these amazing creatures are and I am thankful that I was able to see them up close.


7 thoughts on “The One Ocean Show at Orlando’s SeaWorld

    • Thanks Dash. I used the 24-105L for all of the images in this post. As a matter of fact I think that lens and the 50mm 1.8 were the only two I brought on the trip. The 24-105 is a great walk around lens :-).

      • Well image wise it is difficult to be a prime lens. But they do come in handy for trips to the zoo, airshows and I guess any event where you can’t get too close to the action. :-). I did not own the 70-200 when I went on this trip but if I did that would be my lens of choice. That and my 85 1.4 are the two most used lenses in my bag. But I shoot a lot of portraits and neither of them are good for street photography.

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