Ameen & Bismallah Celebration

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph an Ameen & Bismallah for two wonderful little girls at the Hilton in Rockville Maryland. Never having been to an event such as this one, I had to google the terms and watch a few YouTube videos so that I could be somewhat prepared. Ameen is Arabic for Amen and is said after the completion of prayers. The Ameen celebration marks the completion of reading the holy book of Islam.

The Bismallah Ceremony is a cultural practice that is celebrated in South Asia.   It marks the beginning of a child’s Islamic education.   It is when a child begins to learn and recite the teachings of the Quran and the celebration typically occurs when the child is between four and five years old. It was a pleasure photographing the celebration and below are a few images from the event.

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11 thoughts on “Ameen & Bismallah Celebration

    • When their mother told me that I should focus most of my time on them I could not be more pleased. They were very photogenic and not bothered at all by the cameras. They looked like beautiful little princesses :-).

    • You are very welcome Kimberly :-). I learned quite a bit and it enjoyed being there. As they say learning is growing and I came away a bit more knowledge about this particular ceremony.

  1. Thanks so much Dino for taking awesome pictures for our daughter’s ammen and Bismillah ceremonies. Loved each and every shot. You are the best photographer!!

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