Attempting Bird Photography

Growing up I was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist which means Saturday’s was our family’s day of worship. I was not allowed to go outside or watching T.V on Saturday afternoons so I found other ways to entertain myself. One of them was bird watching from my window. I would literally sit by my window for hours and make note of all the birds that flew into our backyard. I pretended like it was some kind of a race. For example if I saw three Blue Jays, two Cardinals and five Robins, then the Robin would be the winner for that day. As you can see I had a pretty active imagination. I’ll pause now so that you guys can get over your laughter :-)………………………….


Over the years while grilling dinner or reading a book on my deck I have seen a few birds stop by for a visit. Each time I wished that I had thought to have my camera with me so I can snap a quick photo. Well this Sunday while grilling outside I had a Blue Jay land about 10 feet away from me. I tried to sneak back inside and grab my camera but of course by the time I came back out he was long gone. So I left the camera on the table and continued cooking the food. Within about 15 minutes I had another little visitor drop in and he is pictured above. Now I am no H.J Ruiz but I am pretty proud of the photograph that I was able to capture. Now if I could only figure out what type of bird this is :-).

If you want to view some great images of a wide variety of birds, I would suggest you stop by the links below.


7 thoughts on “Attempting Bird Photography

  1. Thanks a lot MD for the “plug” 🙂 I appreciate it. Bird Photography is a lot of fun as well as a great challenge. When you photograph people you as a photographer become a Director and you actually compose the shoot. With birds you have to do the composing in your head and quickly otherwise you get only snap shots of a blurry bird! Have you gotten to that point yet! You have the skills already but that’s work, get some fun and once in a while photograph birds. 🙂

    • My pleasure HJ :-). I really admire how knowledgeable you are as well as the photographs you are able to capture. Also you have to be incredibly patient trying to capture your images.

      I am not ready to quit yet but I clearly understand what you are saying and I think I will continue trying my hand at this for awhile 😉

  2. What a cute little guy. You got him in a great posture. I think bird photography is difficult because the birds are so quick. And its almost impossible to get close enough to get a really good shot. Yours is fantastic.

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