Wine in the Woods Columbia Maryland 2014

This year is the 22nd year that Wine in the Woods has been held at Symphony Woods which sits right next to Merriweather Post Pavillion. My wife and I have lived in Columbia Maryland for about 14 years and in that span of time we have rarely missed this wine festival. Over the years this event has become a premier event for Howard County as well as a tourist attraction. My eyebrows raised a bit when in the parking lot I saw license plates ranging from North Carolina to Ohio. Between the Saturday and Sunday that the festival is held, roughly 25,000 people visit the park with their coolers packed with snacks and other goodies. In addition to sampling wines from around 30 local wineries you can taste the food from restaurants in the area and listen to live music all day long.

The cost per person this year was $40 and they give you a wine glass at the entrance to the park. Due to the beautiful weather on the day we went the park was very crowded. Instead of sampling the wines from the many wineries I found a few wines that we typically buy and went straight to the check out lines which were normally empty.   Most of my close friends were able to attend the event again this year so we had a great time.  Good Music, good food and great friends made for a very memorable day and I hope this becomes a tradition for all of us.  

This year I only brought the Canon 70-200mm and the 24-70mm for taking photographs. In recent months I have played with the idea of getting out of my comfort zone and trying my hand at street photography. Now most street photographers use wide angled lens typically 50mm and shorter.  Street photography also tends to occur  in urban locations.    I have seen a few street photographers using longer focal lenses to take photographs from a distance and that is what I chose to do on this day.  Actually Instead of calling these photographs street photography, I should say portraits of people on the street /park 🙂.   Howard County Wedding & Portrait PhotographersHoward County Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Making a rare appearance in a photo with my lovely wife :-).

Howard County Wedding & Portrait PHotographers

This couple saw me holding my camera and asked for a quick photograph. Beautiful smiles.

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers

I saw this couple sneaking a quick kiss. I couldn’t resist walking up to them and asking if I could take their portraits.

Howard County Wedding & Portrait PHotographers

Yaay group shot…… Just missing one person :-).


5 thoughts on “Wine in the Woods Columbia Maryland 2014

    • I definitely had a great time. I think next year I’ll approach a few more people and ask if they mind it I take a few portraits. Not sure if I have been around that many happy people at an event before lol.

      • There is a lot of wine in the Oregon Valley but I haven’t been to any events there. Where I live we’re big on Microbrews. Bend has some of the best microbreweries in the country. But I’m not much of a beer drinker. Every August we have a big Beer Festival where there are probably 100+ breweries from around the area who come for that event. I go to take photos . . . not drink the beer. :-).

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