One Two She’s Coming for You

Howard County POrtrait & Wedding PHotographers

My Interview with a Vampire

Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab a crucifix.
Seven, eight, better stay up late.
Nine, ten, she’ll be back again.

Howard County Wedding & POrtrait Photographers

Model: Meredith
MUA: Aryn Wilson

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Location: Do you really want to know? 🙂


5 thoughts on “One Two She’s Coming for You

    • Yes I purposely tried to lower the exposure because I did not want to show the face just yet. I really wanted the effect to be having the hand reaching out to the viewer from the beyond. That last shot was partially my take on a scene from the movie ” The Ring”. It’s where the girl sticks a hand out of the T.V. Take a look at this clip here. As a photographer with your style of photography I would seriously tell you to try and watch this when you can. It is my favorite horror movie of all time and I think I know why and its because the CINEMATOGRAPHY is absolutely beautiful. As a matter of fact since I am off today I think I will watch it again :-).
      I plan on doing this shoot again due to us having a few technical difficulties and things I wanted to try and forgot to try. Plus we started a little later in the morning than we originally planned. Let me know what you think of the clip lol. Looking forward to doing this again and Instead of shooting at 6:30 in the morning, I think we will try for 3am or something like that.

      • Yes Ring is quite good movie, cinematography is beautiful, but maybe the plot is little bit over my head 😀

        That is the beauty of own projects, you can re-do them, and that is my biggest mistake that I forget to do some of my plans almost every time, even I have my notes etc… and really depends lots of the model too, it is just fact that everything do not work with every person, but the beauty is that you can come up something totally different and sometimes even better 🙂

        In Finland now, summertime, and when it`s clear weather, there are so much light in the night too so best time to catch up nice smooth light would be about 4 am 🙂

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