Creative Portrait Session at Centennial Park Columbia Maryland

MarcusDilanoPHotography HOward County Maryland

Over the next few days I will share a few of the images my creative portrait session with Lisa. She is a friend that Marcus and I used to work with years ago and we have kept up our friendship over the years. Thankfully Lisa is usually up for it when I want to try something new or just play with some ideas in my head. The photograph above was taken at Centennial Park here in Columbia Maryland.
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4 thoughts on “Creative Portrait Session at Centennial Park Columbia Maryland

    • Thanks Dash! That’s kinda what I was for when I saw the dress that Lisa was wearing. I had about 4 paper airplanes that I was going to use to make a composite photograph with her reach for them as they flew all around her. Just ran out of time because I had a wedding in Virginia later that morning. Kinda disappointed but I’ll try it again ☺

  1. Nice! I want to do this … I found a model to work with but might not be able to afford her just to shoot for fun. I’ll let you know. As I’ve said before, I wish I could spend a month with you guys. I want to work with and learn from you … AND I want you to take a great shot of me. I love your work. ~Mona

    • Thanks Mona. I would check out Model Mayhem and find someone that wants to build their portfolio. Pitch your idea to them. Model Mayhem a has been a great resource for us. That’s how we met our MUA as well as quite a few models that I’m now friends with.

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