Wild Ponies of Assateague Island Image #2


Wild Ponies of Assateague Island

The Assateague National Seashore is roughly 10 miles away from downtown Ocean City Maryland. The price to enter the park is $15 per car for a full week and the pass is definitely worth it. For the last 12 years we have preferred to visit the Assateague beaches instead of the ones in downtown Ocean City Maryland. It is primarily due to slightly less crowds and the opportunity to watch the wild ponies walk around the Island. In previous years while everyone was still sleeping I would wake up at 5am and head towards the Island in hopes of taking photographs of these beautiful creatures a well as some of the other historical sites in the area. This year I decided that I would really just enjoy my vacation and sleep in a bit. I guess we were lucky because each time we visited the horses were nearby and I was able to capture a few photographs of them throughout our stay.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Ponies of Assateague Island Image #2

    • From what I have learned the Maryland ponies stay there year round. Although the Chincoteague ponies are rounded up annually in the last week of July for the Pony Swim and then about 100 or so are sold at auction. I have never visited Assateague that late in the season but from what I understand, the ponies are still on the island. Not sure if the head deeper into the marsh since all of the mosquitoes and other bugs are gone by then. They come on to the beach in summertime to get away from the bugs because the wind offers some protection. I know I have seen them in our trips to the beach in the months from June through August but other than that I can’t really say.

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