Travis and Amber’s Wedding at Quite Waters Annapolis Maryland

On the last day in May I photographed Travis and Amber’s wedding at Quite Waters Park Annapolis Maryland. Thankfully the weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful spring day.

As a wedding photographer you spend most of your time quietly observing and trying to capture your couple enjoying moments with each other. Some couples really just seem to not only fit together but they balance each other. This is the impression I had of Travis and Amber. I wish them the best in their new journey together and I have to say thanks for choosing me to photograph their special day.

Howard County Wedding & Portrait PHotographers

Wedding at Quite Waters Park Annapolis Maryland


Wedding at Quite Waters Park Annapolis Maryland
Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait PHotographers


11 thoughts on “Travis and Amber’s Wedding at Quite Waters Annapolis Maryland

    • Thanks Eden πŸ˜„. The setting was very lovely but a little challenging trying to control the highlights and exposure during the ceremony. Travis and Amber are in Mexico at the moment but hopefully they will like the images presented in this post.πŸ˜„

      • I’ve never done wedding photography, or taken many pictures of people for that matter, but I’ve often thought that wedding photographers must have it difficult with lighting considering when many weddings take place. My hat’s off to you!

    • It is a very beautifulocation for a wedding. We have photographed a few engagement sessions at this location but this was my first wedding there. I am very happy that the weather cooperated lol.

    • That is one of the best compliments that I think I could receiveπŸ˜„πŸ˜„. I think deep down I have always been a hopeless romantic. Always believing in happily ever after etc. I actually enjoy watching “good” romcoms and romantic dramas to my wife’s chagrin lol. So maybe I am influenced by those films and I try seek out those moments to tell the story of their day. Your compliment has made my day. Thank you!!

  1. Nice story telling over the day, great captures!
    If you don’t mind the Swedish (the pictures I believe are international in language πŸ™‚ ), please pop over to our website at and have a look – we are colleagues. And thanks for the like on my sidekick wordpress blog, inognisenso. Cheers, Martin.

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