Trip to Assateague Beach Day One

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Assateague Beach

On the first day of our vacation we headed over to Assateague Beach to spend the day. The beach at Assateague tends to be a little cleaner than the one at the Ocean City Inlet and throw in the fact that you may see some wild ponies makes it a winner in my book.

This year I am determined to make an appearance in more of our family photographs. The gentleman next to us was taking photographs of his family with his dslr so I quickly struck up a conversation. It turns out that he is a family photographer based out of Philadelphia. Thankfully he was happy to take a few photographs of my family . Over the years my wife has also become adept at using my camera equipment and she took a few photographs of me and the kids throughout this trip. We have only been back a week now but we are trying to plan another trip back to the beach prior to the end of summer.

Howard County Wedding & Portrait Photographers
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7 thoughts on “Trip to Assateague Beach Day One

    • It was wonderful Maralee. Last year over the course of seven days here I took 2,000 images. This year we stayed a little longer and I took about 1,000 so even my camera got a little break 😄

  1. I need more practice with this type of lighting. I struggle with getting the colors of my subject to be right AND to get the background to not be blown out. Setting suggestions would be great. I live right down the road from a little beach and can practice today. We’re 40 minutes south of Assategue on the bayside, right on the water.

    • It is very difficult trying to get the exposure right in camera. Often times I just expose slightly to the right meaning one stop so that people are visible. But by doing that the sky does get blown out and I lose the highlights. I use Light Room to bring down the exposure in the water and the sky in my post processing. I think that is the only way to get a relatively decent exposed photograph. It may be darn new impossible otherwise. You are lucky to live so close to such a beautiful area. We visit Assateague annually and love it! I take it you are on the Virginia side?

      • Yep we are in Onancock Virginia, I’m sure you see the signs for it. I don’t have an editing software so I will continue to try to make it work in camera.

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