LG G3 Phoneography #1


LG G3 Photos

Besides photography another interest I have is mobile technology. I subscribe to a few tech blogs and I tend to read them as soon as I get wake up as well as before going to bed. I am always downloading and testing out different mobile applications and I cannot count how many email applications I have tried out just this year alone. I have always liked phones with larger screens and I left Apple a few years back when Samsung came out with their Galaxy line of phones. The LG G3 is my second device that I have purchased from LG because I had a great experience using the LG Optimus G Pro last year. The only problem Optimus Pro is that I thought the camera was nothing to talk about. My wife picked up the LG G2 in the spring after dropping her iPhone one too many times and after seeing the images that came out of that camera, I was really looking forward to the release of the G3. My wait ended a little over a week ago when AT&T started selling the device :-).

The phone features the first QHD screen and boasts a pixel resolution of 1440 x 2560 which offers a currently unmatched 538 PPI. The level of detail while viewing photographs on this screen is simply amazing! I looked at some images on my blog using a few co workers smartphones and it was amazing to see the differences between viewing an image on an iPhone, S5 and Moto X. The S5 since it uses AMOLED technology tends to over saturate the colors while the iPhone and LG look more true to life. After reading numerous reviews about the device, the theme that rang out in regards to the camera was that it was the most balanced camera of the current crop of smartphones released this year. The Galaxy S5 was better in daylight and the HTC M8 offers the best low light performance but the LG G3 does everything very well and there are no glaring weaknesses.

The LG G3 features a 13 MP camera, an aperture of F2.4 as well as optical image stabilization. Although this is the 9th smart phone I have owned none of the previous phones had this feature and I can say that it really does help to lock down the focus quickly which helps reduce the possibility of camera shake. One thing I do notice which I also notice on this phone as well as the iPhone 5S is that images tend to come out a little on the warm side which makes them slightly yellow and reddish?? The detail level is very very good but in comparison to the Galaxy S5’s 16mp shooter, the S5 has a slight advantage. Low light conditions is where the LG G3 has a clear advantage over the S5. Lastly the 2.1mp front facing camera I hear is good but I probably will never test that out because I don’t do selfies :-).

Over the course of the last week I have seen some fantastic Phoneography images posted by a fellow blogger Maralee. I have never been one to really use the camera on my phone and it is just because I always tend to have a DSLR around me. But I must say I have been impressed with a lot of the images that I am come across these days taken with smartphones. The jumps in technology each year in these handheld devices is pretty amazing and my phone has replaced my e reader as well as my laptop these days. Could it be that in 7-10 years they may find away to replace the DSLR? My vote is no but hey who knew we would have mini laptops in our pockets 10 years ago?? 🙂 The photograph above was taken yesterday right in front of my office. I am not sure what kind of bug it is but I will say it was the size of my thumb. I thought man I should run out to my car and grab my camera but then I realized this was a perfect opportunity to see what my new phone could do. The image was processed using the application PicsArt. You can also see Maralee’s work by visiting her blog below.




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